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Discounts on Moose Tours for Special Cardholders/Members

We offer discounts to the following cardholders/members:


Check your membership details for the discount offer, and promo code or booking instructions! Or alternatively, contact us for more information.

Discounts on Accommodation and activities

We use our volume discount power to negotiate the best deals on hostels and adventure activities for you. When you book an accommodated tour with Moose, you will enjoy the lowest possible rate for your included hostel dormitory-style accommodation every night.  We seek out the best activities, then ask for a whopping discount to pass on to you, allowing you to experience these exciting options and make your travel dollar go farther.

See a list of our accommodation facilities and optional activity providers.

road trip central and eastern canada with out here travel

5% discount on travel passes

Out Here provides small group adventures for travellers to experience what makes central & eastern Canada spectacular. Trips are experience first – 2-3 nights per location (with included day-trips to explore), far-flung locations that few know beforehand though end up raving about.

The trips are loaded with diverse highlights and world wonders. Beaches, coastlines and forests that seem to never end. Highest tides in the world. Unique cities like Quebec City, Ottawa, Halifax, and Montreal. Parks like Algonquin, Cape Breton, and Gaspesie.

The beauty is that for many parts – there won’t be other tourists around. Of course we visit the staples… but we also venture to places like The Kingdom of Saguenay, Paradise & Parties, Seafood and Potatoes, the Baddest Bay, Lobsters & Lighthouses, Celtic Scenery, and many spots where mountains meet the sea.

Details on how to claim your discount will be in your Moose tour confirmation documents. Eligible for past Moose travellers (3 years) and upcoming travellers. Cannot be combined with other promotions.

Calgary Airport Shuttle to/from Banff

15% discount

Moose passengers receive a 15% discount when booking the Banff Airporter shuttle service between Calgary Airport and Banff. Details on how to claim your discount will be in your Moose tour confirmation documents.


15% discount

Moose is a member of the Global Adventure Club, a group of like-minded tour operators offering trips in New Zealand, China, Japan, Africa and South America, as well as our tours here in Western Canada and the USA. As a Moose passenger, you receive a 15% discount if you travel with any other Global Adventure Club member operator. Click here for more info.