Please read this section carefully as it contains important information!

We know that a good nights sleep is important, especially when you are travelling, so we only use accommodation that meets our quality standards. We use a variety of accommodation types but mainly focus on hostels and backpacker properties for their budget value. Other accommodation types include chalets, cabins, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and campgrounds. The accommodation arrangements depend on the type of trip you are taking, either Flexi tour or a Scheduled Tour.

WEST CANADA – Flexi Tours

Accommodation is NOT included in the price of our jump on/off passes, however we guarantee you a bed in a shared hostel room at every overnight stop. So you don’t have to worry about booking accommodation unless you are spending additional nights at a scheduled stop, or would prefer different accommodation i.e. a private room.

You simply pay for the bed when you check into the hostel. Prices range from CAD$22 to CAD$45 per person per night (average about $35/night), and some hostels offer a discounted rate to Moose passengers.

Accommodation Packages
You also have the option to purchase an accommodation package on some of our jump on/off passes. These packages cover your accommodation costs for the standard nights of the trip, so you’re already paid up when you check in! You’ll still have to book and pay for your own accommodation both prior to and after your trip. And if you decide to jump off the bus anywhere, you’ll need to book and pay for those extra nights yourself.

EAST CANADA – Scheduled Tours

On our Scheduled Tours departing from Toronto, your accommodation is pre-booked by Moose for every night of the tour. There are two styles of tours departing from Toronto Basic Tours where the beds are reserved but you pay each hostel directly and Inclusive Tours where the price of the accommodation is included.

IMPORTANT (ALL TOURS): You MUST book your own bed under the following circumstances:

  • Pre and Post tour accommodation (before you start and after you finish) *please note that tours ending in Moncton have the night in Moncton booked for you.
  • Extra nights in any location in Western Canada (if you have jumped off the bus)
  • If you wish to book a private room (we can help you with contact details)
  • If you wish to book a hostel other than the one we have reserved for you